5G Innovation within Rural Healthcare & Social Care Connected Worker to enhance GP ward rounds – Connected Worker overview

Connected Worker to enhance GP ward rounds – Connected Worker overview

Evaluate the impact of using wearable connected technology on the individual (Service User) and service team.

Kulvinder (Coolie) Shinji and HCA Maryanne Freeman as pretend patient

General Practitioners who usually visit service users in their Care Home settings will have access to support workers equipped with wearable connected cameras. These support workers will be the connection between the service user and the GP / clinicians back at work location. The study will examine the following:

  • The reliability of connection through 5G
  • The user acceptance by both the service user and the clinician of the new technological approach
  • The ease of integration into service care workflows
  • The cost benefit impact of this care model approach including impact of early intervention and identification, reduction of travel time and subsequent increase in GP / clinician’s availability to patients.

This study aims to evaluate the experience and use of a digital connected camera designed to provide welfare support and expert advice for remote workers insitu without the need to bring highly specialised staff to the location. The data collected is mainly post-intervention (post-service use) and quantitative in nature and focussing on the effectiveness of the service (performance in real world conditions). There is no comparison group as this is a survey of users.

Service users and the care workers visiting them will be introduced to the wearable technology during the recruitment exercise (at various sites).

Main Research Question

  • How effective is the increased connectivity in its purpose of providing rapid access and information to assist service user welfare?

More specifically:

  • What is the level of user acceptance for the camera by clinicians and the service users?
  • What is the level of engagement between teams at GP practice and the worker in the service user Care Home?
  • What added value, if any, does the care provider user perceive that the technology gives to their care outcomes?