5G Innovation within Rural Healthcare & Social Care Capabilities and benefits of 5G

Capabilities and benefits of 5G

The strength and benefits of 5G lie in its widespread capabilities, including:

Enabling Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a system of interrelated, connected objects that are able to collect and transfer data over a wireless network without human intervention. With more connected objects than ever before, only 5G can manage a large volume of devices communicating over the network. With 5G enabling IoT, the technology does the work.

Automated and real-time data collection and processing

Only 5G has the ability to collect the large volumes of data captured from IoT devices as its produced and process into a system at high speed. The speed and volumes of data collection via 5G enables organisations to make smarter data-driven decisions in real-time.

Latency as low as 1ms

With latency (or lag) down to speeds of just 1 millisecond, connections and data-sharing can happen instantaneously. This means automated decisions can be made based on real-time findings.

Private networks with built-in security

5G private networks come with built-in security as standard, meaning businesses can be assured their data being shared over 5G, such as confidential performance data or IP addresses is protected. Only authorised persons can approve what devices can connect to and use the network.

One network for multiple applications

Only one 5G network is required, regardless of multiple machine applications. The network can effectively process all of the data from multiple sources and streamline to one system.

Dedicated network slicing

A 5G private network provides you with bandwidth of frequency to use. Network slicing is the process of dedicating a certain amount of this bandwidth for 5G technology in the working environment to a specific application (known as use cases) by sharing secure isolated network slices.

Each use case requires its own network slice, and 5G private networks are built in a manner that allows speed, availability, capacity and coverage to be allocated in logical slices to meet the needs of the use case. With a percentage of your network solely dedicated to a certain use case, organisations can guarantee a continuous level of service and ‘slice’ their 5G private network as they choose as their business needs evolve.

Business grade availability of 99.999%

‘Business grade’ ensures that you have a connection that’s reliable and fast enough to meet your business needs. Business Grade availability details how likely it is that the network will ‘go down’ or be interrupted.

5G offers Business Grade availability of over 99.999%, compared to a good 4G network that delivers up to 99.1% availability. In real terms, this translates to the potential downtime of over 4,700 minutes (or nearly 3 and a half days) for 4G, and only five minutes of downtime of the 525,600 minutes in a year for 5G.

This means the network is robust and reliable enough to handle all business needs, including those at most critical, with minimal risk of interruption.