Connected Worker support

Nurse trying on Head Mounted Tablet (HMT) device for the first time

Within this section of the website you will find information on how to use the Head Mounted Tablet (known as HMT) at the Care Home (A End) of the process, connecting via Microsoft Teams to the District Nurse Practitioners and GPs (B End) of the process. This Use Case allows the B End to connect through their Teams accounts to the Teams account set up on the designated HMTs for the A End, so that they can see the resident/guest within their familiar care home setting.

HMTs – Frequently Asked Questions

The eyepiece is blank and I cannot see home page Check that the device is switched on by pressing silver button on side. Try switching the eye piece arm to your non-dominant eye and see…

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About the Head Mounted Tablet (HMT) device

The RealWear HMT-1™ that is being used within the West Mercia Rural 5G project provides the foundation for our Connected Worker trials between the Care Homes and their residents and the District Nurses and GPs….

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Getting started with your HMT device

Setting up your HMT device Determine your dominant eye: Make circle with thumb and first fingerCentre an image in the distance with both eyes openClose first one eye and then the otherThe closed eye that…

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Basic HMT Commands

Getting started with your HMT device: “NAVIGATE HOME” – this will take you back to the home page of the device “NAVIGATE BACK” – this will take you back one stage at a time “MY…

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Using Microsoft Teams on your device

Getting started with your HMT device: From the Home Page, say “MY PROGRAMS” – this will tell the device to select the My Programs folder You will then see a list of programs – say…

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