Nurse wearing Connected Worker headset engaging with patient
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Connected Worker and remote GP rounds

Nurse wearing Connected Worker headset engaging with patient

A key element of patient care is the interaction between a clinician and the patient, regardless of whether this interaction takes place in a surgery, hospital or care home environment, or in the patient’s home.

Whilst interactions between the clinician and the patient will vary according to the nature of the medical situation, inevitably it can be time consuming for the clinician, especially if patients are at different locations and travel is involved. 

Telepresence enables a person to feel present at a place other than their true location. In medical terms this allows the clinician to utilise ‘Connected Worker’ technology to “see” the patient remotely, using equipment/a headset worn by someone else, such as a care home nurse. This solution avoids the need for the clinician to travel between patients and enables a greater number of patients to be treated, saving both time and money.

Telepresence also enables the clinician to connect with off-site UK or international medical specialists to facilitate first-hand observation and interaction with the patient, for fast accurate diagnosis. This ensures prompt treatment, faster recovery times and better outcomes for patients.

The Connected Worker technology is constantly being developed to add new functionality, such as thermal imaging of a patient or using an Augmented Reality solution.

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