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5G in Health and Social Care: Prevention and Community Management

A modern trend in health and care service provision has been to move services accessed by citizens and patients closer to the community or indeed their homes. Increasingly a ‘self service’ or supported ‘selfcare’ goal has been driven by the need to strip cost from the system (non-value-added activity) while activating people to take a greater interest in their own health and wellbeing. This has also been encouraged by a population health model emerging globally which integrates social care, health care and preventative approaches to focus resources where they are most needed and indeed to personalise the ‘offer’ to service users (citizens or patients).

Technology already has a significant role here, for example telemedicine (remote consultations), wearable (physiological data transmission and analytics) and personalised services (perhaps using AI) are all under development. Experience through Covid has emphatically proven the worth of digital connectivity as service enabler. 5G platforms are already being used to serve communities, serving as early adopter exemplars.

A remarkable line of speakers, co-hosted by Prof. George Crooks, OBE; CEO, Digital Health & Care Institute, Scotland and including panelists Ann Williams, Liverpool CC; Ian Spero, Agile Ageing Alliance; Rob Halhead, Docobo and Paul Clitheroe, All Together Better. Real world examples from Liverpool 5G Create, West Midlands 5G and West Mercia Rural 5G.

Joseph McArdle, Director of Health and Medical Innovation & Transformation / Project Director, The University of Chester will provide a 10 minute introduction to the Use Case studies – Connected Worker and Augmented Reality – being undertaken by West Mercia Rural 5G within the health space. More information can be found within our Use Case section on the website.

This event will be of interest to anyone working in prevention and other community services.

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