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Health & Social Care industries vertical

This week UK5G have launched the latest vertical in their 5G awareness and understanding campaign – Health and Social Care.

Few sectors, if any, have been subject to as much sweeping change – and strain – as health and social care. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the essential services in this sector saved countless lives and kept the UK going.

This vital sector that employs more than 1.3m people and cares for tens of millions more is under mounting pressure.

Beyond the challenges presented by the crisis, not least the burgeoning backlog, it also served as an incredible accelerator of digital transformation across the sector.

5G – and the digital technologies it enables – can support the desire to realise more people-centric care, transition from a reactive to preventative model, and move the delivery of care from clinics to communities. All while unlocking the efficiency, resilience and flexibility required to meet the UK’s ever-growing health and social care needs.

Despite significant progress, lack of digitisation and connectivity still exists within the sector and is far from the only challenge it faces. The UK’s ageing population, increasing demand for social care services and concerns around recruitment and digital skills. 

UK5G is here to help the health and social care sector find the right resources and connections to map a clear path to 5G. In turn, granting access to the digital tools, skills and resources that will empower health and social care professionals to change how and where they deliver care, make the everyday less laborious and more rewarding, and ensure the UK population can benefit from more efficient, personalised care. More health and social care content will be released over the coming weeks, and make sure you check out these three insight pieces for now:

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