Getting started with your HMT device

Setting up your HMT device

Determine your dominant eye:

  1. Make circle with thumb and first finger
  2. Centre an image in the distance with both eyes open
  3. Close first one eye and then the other
  4. The closed eye that sees the image move most is your dominant eye
  5. Position the display arm on the HMT to so that the screen is in front of the dominant eye – and adjust so that you see the full screen

Switching on your device

Switch on the HMT by pressing and briefly holding the silver Power On button.

Once powered on place the HMT on your head with the screen pod just below your line of sight of your dominant eye. Flip over and adjust the arm, pod and camera to move to the other eye.

The device is ready when you see the HMT home page as seen right.

The device has already been set up to work with your WiFi and has a generic Microsoft Teams account installed for the purpose of the trial. There is a help guide on how to get into Microsoft Teams, make / receive a call and end a call – Using TEAMS on your device.

Switching off your device

Once you have terminated your Microsoft Teams call you can switch off the device by pressing and briefly holding the silver Power On button.

NOTE: at the end of each shift please remember to connect the HMT device to a charger so that it is ready when next required. The USB-C connector for charging is located on the end of the Power On button side and can be accessed by moving the rubber protector.

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