5G Mast - Pineapple Tree

Getting the WMR5G message out

5G Mast - Pineapple Tree

Over summer West Mercia Rural 5G project participated in some key local events to help publicise the rural 5G and healthcare message.

How could 5G be used to benefit the environment? – 27 May 2021

This two hour workshop, hosted by Shrewsbury Geospatial Group in collaboration with Wayra, targeted businesses and individuals with an interest in 5G for environmental applications. The workshop created an opportunity to introduce and enhance existing knowledge of 5G. Participants shared experiences of some of their 5G environmental case studies which stimulated discussions on the potential challenges, benefits, and applications of 5G.

WMR5G’s representatives set out the purpose and ambition of the West Mercia 5G testbed and its focus on health and social use cases. This created an opportunity for the audience to learn from current experiences and help them consider use cases or applications for environmental monitoring which are still sparse compared with manufacturing or health.

Tech Severn 2021 – 16/17 July 2021

This year’s Tech Severn 2021 brought together a line-up of world class keynote speakers from the cutting edge of technology, sustainability, biodiversity, and government policy. The event considered how technology can help us to tackle Climate Change and its wider impacts on society. Arguably Climate Change is the greatest challenge in human history as it threatens to disrupt economies and societies on a global scale.

Tech Severn 2021 explored the crucial role technological innovation has to play in Shropshire’s efforts to be net zero, protect its residents, businesses and their properties, and the natural environment, by mitigating the impact of climate change and driving forward a generation with global sustainability at its heart.

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